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Pre-k Level (children 4-5 years old)

The program consists of one our of early speech development lesson and music lesson. The main purpose of this program is introduction to vocabulary and development of fine motor skills in order to prepare children for the Russian alphabet. Additionally, to vocabulary the speech practice is enhanced through crafts, images, and other applications. The learning success in the classroom is supported at home through printed letters, words and pictures, learning of songs and description of pictures.

Teacher: Irina Tarrant

Kindergarten Level (children 5-7 years old)

The program consists of two hours of Russian Language. In this class the children develop basic skills in the Russian alphabet. The ability to read and write the Cyrillic alphabet is necessary for the next stages of learning Russian. The children begin to learn the Russian language through the basic elements, such as vowel and consonant sounds and letters of the Russian alphabet, syllables, etc. The training materials are chosen by our teachers so that the tasks are interesting and manageable for the children. 

Teacher: Roza Semykina

1st Level (children 6-9 years old)

The program consists of two lessons of Russian Language. The goal of this class is to improve students’ reading skills and to enhance their grammar knowledge about: spelling, morphology, syntax and punctuation. The children use this knowledge in practice through workbook exercises. 

Teacher: Roza  Semykina

Advanced levels (children 9-16)

The program consist of two lessons: Russian Language and Russian Literature. Teaching is conducted fully in Russian using course materials that are specially selected for the appropriate level. The children become increasingly acquainted with various aspects of Russian grammar: spelling, morphology, syntax and punctuation, and the use this knowledge in practice through workbook exercises. Furthermore, children learn to write essays. Teachers are directly involved in the development of the reading and vocabulary of the students in the classes. Our lessons use tried and tested instructional techniques: conversations with kids about their interests, experiences, discussion and retelling of reading, expressive reciting poems, games.


Our literature course is a reading and contextual study of literary works (or portions of literary works) in Russian. Students become familiar with the facts of life of Russian writers and learn to analyze and discuss the literature. Particular attention is paid to the selection of books to be read.

Teachers: Galina Nikolaenko and Svetlana Otvertchenko


Russian as a foreign language 


We offer Russian as a foreign language classes for students who have had a little exposure to the language previously. In these lessons children learn the grammar of the Russian language. Grammatical material is often presented in the form of models, through which students build their ideas and conceptual understanding, as well as in tables, from which they choose the end of words. Students work through exercises in their notebooks. Spelling words and penmanship are also key components of this course.


Teacher: Natalia Garrity

Additional Extra- Curricular Programs

Chorus - Music


Drama Club


Arts & Crafts


Private Lessons

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