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School Policy

1. Registration

Upon enrollment, every parent is required to complete Tuition Policy, Membership Registration Form along with the Medical Info & Release Form. Registration Forms to be updated annually, at the beginning of each school year. Annual registration fee is non-refundable and due upon registration. Parents are responsible to notify us of any changes in contact and emergency information.

Click on the link below to print the forms:

 Tuition Policy

 Membership Registration Form

 Medical Info & Release Form.

2. Media Release Permission

Permission is required to be photographed, interviewed or mentioned by name in any media coverage, which might take place throughout the school year. This includes internet, newspapers, periodicals, television, cable television, radio, school website and so on. Parent/Guardian must indicate on Registration form whether media release permission is given or not.

3. New students
All new parents and children who want to explore joining our classes need to make an advance appointment with a school representative to determine proper placement. Only one trial class can be taken. Placement of students is determined primarily by the age of the incoming student; however, variations are possible depending on the level of the student’s Russian proficiency.

4. Weather, cancellations and make-ups
In case of a snow day or any other emergency, students will be notified immediately about cancellations via e-mail and/or phone as well as our Facebook page. Make-up lesson will be scheduled for the end-of the school year (June) and the date will to be announced by mid-May.

5. Questions & concerns:
If you have questions about a program or need clarification on a homework assignments, please do not hesitate to contact the school administration by email or phone. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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